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swimathon 2018 sema express sponsor casa expeditii transport marfa

Swimathon Oradea


Would you like to organize a Jazz concert? Are you looking for a creative space, where all the nonconformist artist can paint? Are you looking for a graffiti 3D space in the parking lot? What about painting the builing`s stair case or planting pansies along the road? Would you like to raise a community that shares the same passions with others, but nou to have a special place where to practice it?

Thanks you all for caring about our community
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Bursa Talentelor sema express sponsor casa expeditii transport marfa

The scholarship of talents.


The generosity of our sponsors make possible to implement the 8 winning projects from this yeas`s scholarhip of talents

Thanks you all for caring about our community.

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Fondul Stiintescu Oradea sema express sponsor casa expeditii transport marfa

13 community projects funded with 112,000 lei, implemented at the first edition of Stintescu’s Fond Oradea.


By implementing Stintescu’s fond, the Communitary Foundation from Oradea aimed to bring together at one place the entire community of people that are passionate about STEM education, offering funds worth over 112 lei, intended to support the 13 projects with an multidisciplinary approach for the kids between 6-15 years old.
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Swimathon Oradea


SEMA Express is one of the local companies that is constantly involved in our community. And this year it will participate at the Swimathon and it will support the fond of scholarship, so 2 needy Kids will be helped throughout the school year with supplies, clothing and shoes.
Thank you!
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IT pentru copii SEMA EXPRESS

IT For the kids


15 kidos aged 11-15 will take part in the workshops, where free courses will be taught by 3 mentors “Coder Dojo Oradea Cantemir”.
Would teach for free programming and IT: Web (html, js, css, php), C++, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Python. The kids will learn how to program a microcomputer, to measure the temperature, humidity, the gas load, the light and the distance trough the various attached sensors.
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Coder Dojo Oradea Sema Express Oradea

Coder Dojo Oradea


In weekly meetings in order to initiate and teach programmes for kids aged 7-15, by using technologies and languages such as SCRATCH, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP PYTHON, C#. In the programming club, the kids are guided step by step in the initial settings, through the first notions of programming and algorithms, so that, later on, they will be able to work, and learn by practice and exercise in different team or individual projects
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